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Our Mission

To create a supportive community for the hospitality industry so we can recover and grow stronger together.   

Tell the world how COVID-19 impacted & transformed your business.

Gain valuable insights from industry experts. Learn from their mistakes and share your wisdom with others.

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The Industry-Led Revolution Bringing Back Hospitality.

Because we have each others backs.

COVID-19 has first and foremost been a human tragedy that has affected the health and welfare of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. It’s been a year since the pandemic’s severe consequences confronted the hospitality industry, forcing them to change their narrative in every aspect.

A year on, the hospitality industry is still struggling through an unprecedented challenge. While individual businesses and their owners’ experiences differ significantly, the struggle has been a collective one.

Project Backs is a recovery-focused platform where people across the hospitality industry come together to share their stories, advice and resources. The goal is to help normalise the difficulties we’re collectively facing in the hospitality industry and support one another to get back to doing what we love.

The hospitality market’s recovery phase faces many challenges to adapt to the new normal. Project Backs is a practical, industry-led platform detailing how people have pivoted their businesses and overcome unforeseen obstacles to ensure their businesses not only survive but thrive under challenging times.

Find out how you and your business can get involved in the revolution

Why your Story is important

Every business has a story to tell of what’s unravelled over the past year: from painful losses to innovative adaptations. The hospitality industry has gone through a lot, and so have the faces behind the industry.

One of Project Back’s aims is to employ storytelling for a dual purpose: useful resources and historical documentation.

Your story will not only help and give hope to those who are still struggling to recover and find direction in a post-lockdown world, but they will also become part of a historical tapestry detailing how our industry persevered and overcame the biggest challenge of the century.

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